Monday Night Football: Miami Dolphins' Brandon Marshall Puts on Less-than-Monstrous Performance, Pulls a Derek Anderson

For some players, catching six passes for 109 yards (as Brandon Marshall did against the New York Jets) would be reason to smile.

However, with all the hype he created by saying he would perform like a monster on Monday Night Football, you would think he could find the end zone at least once.

Instead, he dropped a potential touchdown pass and let Darrelle Revis intercept a pass intended for him and return the interception 100 yards the other way.

And with all the talking he did about how he would be kicked out of the game, you would think he would be a little more fiery about losing to the Jets by 18 points.

Instead, as you can see in the photo above, Marshall seemed to be in too good a mood on the sidelines. Not unlike Derek Anderson last year. 

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