Blue Ridge Homecoming Parade: The Sports Thread's Photo Gallery

FARMER CITY, Ill. -- Voted as the Homecoming King and Queen by their fellow students at Blue Ridge High School, Kenny Dunn and Sam Stivers take their throne for the parade.

If you can think of a better throne than the backseat of a Ford Mustang GT, I would like to hear about it. 

Of course, football players and cheerleaders were not the only Blue Ridge athletes getting together for Homecoming.

In the photo below, volleyball player Kaitlyn Zelhart (in the white Drew Miller jersey) takes a photo with soccer players Michael Plunk (No. 24) and Josh Plunk (yellow).

Football players were on display during the parade. In the photo below are West Foulks (No. 63), Zach Norris (No. 20) and Jamie Potter (No. 57), among other players.

However, a few football players expanded their horizons at the parade, as Brett Roos and James Risler display their talents on the Blue Ridge band's drums.

Even the JFL players got in the act, as seen in the photo below.

Football players, however, were not the only athletes who rode in trucks during the parade, as the volleyball team...

...and soccer team hitched rides as well.

Before we get on to the floats, I would like to mention that this photo gallery was brought to you by Subway (even though they are not paying me any advertising money).

Subway. Sandwiches on the fly, because they're wearing a cape.

The Class of 2013 got a kick out of the game of soccer, as seen by their float in the photo below.

The Class of 2014 looks to spike the competition.

The Class of 2012 may have scored a touchdown, as their float turns the gridiron into a jousting arena.

The Class of 2015 shows that knights can joust on the golf course. Or sink a putt on one.

And now on to the Homecoming game, as the Blue Ridge faithful hopes players such as Trenor Hildreth (No. 47) and Justin Tharp (No. 12) carry the Knights to a victory over LeRoy as well as they are carried in the photo below.

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