Farmer City Raceway Opens with Spring Extravaganza; Dave Crawley Jr., Travis Johnson among Winners

FARMER CITY, Ill. -- Many wondered if this season would come.

But thanks to the efforts of Clinton's Jeff Hammer and the Decatur area's Kyle Logue, Farmer City Raceway kicked off its 2011 season Friday.


Ryan Guyett started off in second place before beating out pole-position holder Randy Brown.

Guyett took the second heat. After starting out the first heat in fourth place, Brown beat Phil Pickett to the checkered flag.


1. Ryan Guyett; 2. Randy Brown; 3. Jack Newman; 4. Jordan Campbell; 5. Phil Pickett; 6. Levi Curry; 7. Jeff Armstrong; 8. Luke Vaughn; 9. Jeff Wiggs; 10. Max Pozsgai, DNF; 11. Andy Bough, DNS.


Brian Shirley of Chatham started the feature in the pole position after winning the first heat. And at the time he reached the finish line, he kept his lead.

Farmer City's own Curtis Hobbs finished sixth in the second semi-feature after finishing in the No. 8 position in the fourth heat.


1. Brian Shirley (Chatham, Ill.); 2. Frank Heckenhast Jr. (University, Ill.); 3. Mike Spatola (Manhattan, Ill.); 4. Eric Smith (Shirley, Ill.); 5. Brandon Sheppard (New Berlin, Ill.); 6. Ryan Unzicker (El Paso, Ill.); 7. Bret Sievert (New Berlin, Wis.); 8. Roger Brickler (Springfield, Ill.); 9. Donny Walden (Towanda, Ill.); 10. Brian Diveley (Springfield, Ill.); 11. Steve Thorsten (Clebanse, Ill.); 12. Derek Chandler (Pontiac, Ill.); 13. Jimmy Dehm (Lexington, Ill.); 14. Corey Daughtery; 15. Bobby Pierce (Oakwood, Ill.); 16. Kevin Weaver (Gibson City, Ill.) DNF; 17. Brandon Thirlby (Traverse City, Mich.) DNF; 18. Kerry Matthew (Rensselaer, Ind.) DNF; 19. Jason Feger (Bloomington, Ill.) DNF; 20. Craig Smith (Godfrey, Ill.) DNF.

Semi Feature 2

1. Jimmy Dehm; 2. Craig Smith; 3. Charlie Hess (Peoria, Ill.); 4. Jon Rogers (German Valley, Ill.); 5. Bill Giannetti (Champaign, Ill.); 6. Curtis Hobbs (Farmer City, Ill.); 7. Bill Hough; 8. Ethan Schnapp (Springfield, Ill.) DNS.

Semi Feature 1

1. Brandon Thirlby; 2. Jason Feger; 3. Scott Schmitt (Tonica, Ill.); 4. Russ Adams (Princeville, Ill.); 5. Jay Morris; 6. Torin Mettlle; 7. Rodney Hamblin; 8. Chris Dick (DeLand, Ill.) DNF; 9. Kent Robinson (Bloomington, Ind.) DNS. 


After starting off No. 4 in the feature, Jay Ledford of Pontiac beat out Nick Allen, who started in the pole position after winning the first heat.

Ledford finished second in the same heat.


1. Jay Ledford (Pontiac, Ill.); 2. Nick Allen; 3. Jeff Leka (Buffalo, Ill.); 4. Jamie Lomax; 5. Lance Dehm (Chatsworth, Ill.); 6. Ryan Cary (Catlin, Ill.); 7. Mark Tullis; 8. Eric Bruce; 9. Steve Brooks; 10. Steve Ewing (Decatur, Ill.); 11. Justin Delong (Bloomington, Ill.) 12. Justin Leka (Buffalo, Ill.); 13. Don Kiger (Oakwood, Ill.); 14. Dane Tilstra; 15. David Henderson; 16. Mckay Wenger (Fairbury, Ill.) DNF; 17. Justin McCoy (Streator, Ill.) DNF; 18. Ben Hulse (Flanagan, Ill.) DNF; 19. Vince Cooper, DNF; 20. Phil Line, DNF.

Semi Feature

1. Justin Delong; 2. Steve Brooks; 3. Ben Hulse; 4. Phil Line; 5. Don Kiger; 6. Jeff Sandford; 7. Tim Bohm; 8. Chevy Miller, DNF; 9. Nick Wallrich, DNF; 10. Rick Hamilton (Decatur, Ill.) DNS; 11. Jeremy Nichols (Decatur, Ill.) DNS.


Travis Johnson of Ashland won the second heat to earn the No. 2 starting spot in the feature. He beat Brian Cassell, who got the pole after winning the first heat, to the checkered flag.

Farmer City native Jim Quinn took seventh place in the feature after taking third in the first heat.

From Clinton, Rick Alwood took fourth place in the feature after getting second place in the first heat. Travis Thrasher finished 13th after taking the No. 5 spot in the second heat.


1. Travis Johnson (Ashland, Ill.); 2. Brian Cassell; 3. Jeff Semmons (Pontiac, Ill.); 4. Rick Alwood (Clinton, Ill.); 5. Joe Brown; 6. Travis Wolford; 7. Jim Quinn (Farmer City, Ill.); 8. Jesse Simmons (Danville, Ill.); 9. Nathan McNeese; 10. Brandon Roundtree; 11. Eric Wilson (Downs, Ill.); 12. Greg Brewer (Bement, Ill.); 13. Travis Thrasher (Clinton, Ill.); 14. Ronnie Burns; 15. Donnie Rhoades, DNS; 16. Tom Gregg (Decatur, Ill.) DNS.


Casey Gernantz started the feature in the No. 5 position after finishing third in the first heat. He finished first ahead of Decatur native Joe Reed, who won the pole position after taking the second heat.

Mansfield native Chris Burton finished seventh in the feature. He finished No. 2 in the second heat.


1. Casey Gernantz; 2. Joe Reed (Decatur, Ill.); 3. Ben Gernentz; 4. Larry Hawk (Champaign, Ill.); 5. Matt Maier (Rantoul, Ill.); 6. Dion Smith; 7. Chris Burton (Mansfield, Ill.); 8. David Lauritson (Normal, Ill.); 9. Brian Wilson (Colfax, Ill.); 10. Zach Perryman; 11. Greg Tuttle (Gridley, Ill.); 12. Trisha Burton; 13. Jim Wilson (Towanda, Ill.) DNF; 14. Jeremy Reed (Decatur, Ill.) DNF.


Dave Crawley Jr. of Decatur took the pole position after winning the second heat. He beat Daniel Flessner, who started second after finishing in the No. 2 spot in the first heat, to the finish line.

Mansfield native Rod Rusher finished 13th in the feature after taking the No. 6 spot in the first heat.


1. Dave Crawley Jr. (Decatur, Ill.); 2. Daniel Flessner; 3. Nick Macklin (Argenta, Ill.); 4. Dustin Mounce (Pontiac, Ill.); 5. Jason Maier (Thomasboro, Ill.); 6. Alan Crowder; 7. Dave Slade (Seymour, Ill.); 8. Tony Clinton; 9. Richie Rich, DNF; 10. Lance Johnson (Kenney, Ill.) DNF; 11. Donny Subion, DNF; 12. Mike Maestas (Lincoln, Ill.) DNF; 13. Rod Rusher (Mansfield, Ill.) DNS; 14. Darrel Dick (Monticello, Ill.) DNS.

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