Chicago Blackhawks Get Knocked Down (But Not Out) in Round 1 to Vancouver Canucks

Game 1: Vancouver 2, Chicago 0

Any way you slice it, the Blackhawks were thoroughly outplayed by the Canucks in the first 10:23 of the game.

Vancouver didn't just outscore Chicago. They outhit, out-skated, out-shot, out-etc. the Blackhawks, and that led to a 2-0 lead.

The Canucks' first goal was off a deflection by Chris Higgins, assisted by Kevin Bieksa and Ryan Kesler. The second one came via breakaway by Jannik Jansen; the assist was credited to Mikael Samuelsson.

The way Chicago played in the first 10:23 of the game, you would have thought they started a three-day slumber immediately after Sunday's loss to the Detroit Red Wings. And they woke up to the stunning realization that they were playoff-bound.

Then Joel Quenneville called a timeout (I'm sure he had some talking points), and the game turned into a defensive battle in which both teams had some golden opportunities hit a goalpost or thwarted by theatrical saves by Roberto Luongo and Corey Crawford.

The way this game went, I wouldn't expect the Canucks to sweep the Hawks; I think Chicago could manage at least one win in this series. But if the Blackhawks want to make this a series, they need to find someone who can step up and score some playoff goals.

They had Dustin Byfuglien during the past two years. Now that he's an Atlanta Thrasher, the Hawks need to find Luongo Slayer Jr.

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