Edwin Jackson Sets Home-Opener Record for Chicago White Sox

The slogan for the Chicago White Sox is, "All In."

Judging from the first five games of the season, that means all of their eggs were going in the hitters' basket. Judging by the White Sox's 3-2 record in those games, going all in was not going to get them into the postseason.

Enter Edwin Jackson. In today's game against the Tampa Bay Rays, he set a Sox home-opener record by striking out 13 batters and allowing only one run on four hits in eight innings of pitching.

This performance, which led to the White Sox's 5-1 victory, proves that Chicago can win in this "All In" season, whether they were playing in a slugfest or not. The South Siders can win if their highly-touted pitching rotation performs to its abilities.

Now if the bullpen can learn to avoid any destructive performances, Chicago will be going "All In" well into October. 

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