Jeff Curl Among Winners at Farmer City Raceway in Week 2

FARMER CITY, Ill. -- From the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field to the Green Monster at Fenway Park, some sporting venues have a signature trait that distinguishes itself from others.

For some racers at the Farmer City Raceway on Sunday, the trait that separates itself from other racetracks is the dirt.

"You gotta get dirty," Sandy Shomidie, a pit crew member for Modified Division driver and Springfield native Guy Taylor, said.

For some drivers, getting dirty and driving safely can be a challenge, as the dirt can transform a left turn into a sideways slip 'n slide. A few racers end up sliding off the track; some others over-turn and collide with other cars.

In one Crate LM race, Kenny VanDorn of New Berlin found himself momentarily off the track following a sliding left turn. Still, he holds no ill will toward the track.

"[The dirt] has been here for a long time," VanDorn said. "I wish [the Farmer City Raceway] were a little closer to where I live, but it's a nice track."

There may be other racetracks with challenging roads. Just like there are other football fields that endure freezing temperatures or other left-field fences that are abnormally large.

And, of course, this week's races were delayed for two days due to rainy conditions, and the races were conducted with the temperatures roughly in the 40-50 degree range. So that probably didn't make driving any easier.

But for those who embrace the challenge of the Farmer City Raceway dirt (or Farm Dirt, if you will), the reward for digging in the trenches can be sweet victory. For example, Jeremy Reed of Decatur won Heat 3 of the Hornets Division.

"[The track is] fast and smooth," Reed said. "If I wanted an easy drive, I'd drive on pavement."


One racer who drove very smoothly through the dirt was Jeff Curl of Forrest, Ill.

He won the Modified Division feature, making himself $1,000 richer in the process. It was his first win at the Farmer City Raceway.

"It's unbelievable," Curl said. "I'm ecstatic. It still hasn't sunk in; it probably will later tonight."


Kenny Butterfield of Glasford finished behind Matt Maier of Thomasboro in the first heat.

But he overtook Maier in the feature.

Despite winning the third heat, Jeremy Reed did not qualify for the feature.


1. Kenny Butterfield, Glasford; 2. Matt Maier, Thomasboro; 3. Dion Smith; Bloomington; 4. Troy Newberry, Bloomington; 5. Joe Reed, Decatur; 6. Jerry Benninger, Lincoln; 7. Brian Wilson, Colfax; 8. Larry Hawk, Champaign; 9. Casey Gernentz, Penfield; 10. David Lauritson, Normal.


Winner -- Derrick Deford

Heat 3

Winner -- Jeremy Reed, Decatur

Heat 2

Winner -- Dion Smith, Bloomington

Heat 1

Winner -- Matt Maier, Thomasboro


After finishing second in the first heat and starting second in the feature, Nick Bauman of New Berlin broke through and won the feature.

Clinton's Matt Beadles and Roben Huffman finished fourth and sixth, respectively, in the feature. Beadles started in the sixth position after finishing fourth in the first heat while Huffman finished third in the same heat en route to starting seventh in the feature.


1. Nick Bauman, New Berlin; 2. Brad Willis Jr.; 3. Randy Myers, Springfield; 4. Matt Beadles, Clinton; 5. Kevin Fink; 6. Roben Huffman, Clinton; 7. Jake Griffin; 8. John Barnard, Sherman; 9. Cunningham; 10. Ron Wilson, Pekin; 11. Kenny VanDorn, New Berlin; 12. George Clevenger, Mount Pulaski; 13. Brad Willis Sr (DNF); 14. Bobby Lynn (DNF); 15. Ryan Blair, Edinburg (DNS).

Heat 2

Winner -- Brad Willis Jr.

Heat 1

Winner -- Randy Myers, Springfield


Feature winner -- Terry Reed

Farmer City's own Jim Quinn took third place in the feature.


For the second consecutive week, Dave Crawley Jr. of Decatur won the Sportsman Division feature.

He beat out Dustin Mounce of Pontiac, who shared the lead with Crawley during some points of the race.


Feature winner -- Andy Baugh

More results may be seen at farmercityracing.com or speednetdirect.com.

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