Chicago Bulls, Blackhawks Offer Little Degrees of Separation

NBA Playoffs Game 3: Chicago Bulls 88, Indiana Pacers 84

I wouldn't be too alarmed by the Pacers' ability to compete with the Bulls.

When the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup last year, they swept the San Jose Sharks in the Western Conference Finals. And that was after they beat the Nashville Predators in a superfluously tough, six-game first round.

The Bulls, like the Blackhawks of last year, have a tendency to play down to its opponent. Hopefully, this is just an omen saying that they'll turn up their game against tougher opponents such as the Boston Celtics or Miami Heat.

NHL Playoffs Game 5: Chicago Blackhawks 5, Vancouver Canucks 0

But then again, it could be a bad omen.

Like the Pacers, the No. 8-seeded Blackhawks were able to compete with the President's Trophy-winning Canucks in the first three games. Even though they lost the first three game, you had a feeling the Blackhawks weren't goting to go quietly.

And with the way they've played the last two games, you can't really laugh too loudly of pulling off a comeback that hasn't been seen since -- well, last year. Sorry, Bruins fans.

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