Pro Football Boycott to Continue Despite Lockout Lifting

It has been suggested that I should end by boycott of the league that shall remain nameless because the lockout has been lifted by a judge.

Some of you may want to know how I feel about the draft in this league.

But there is something you should understand: the lockout is not over yet.

There is still a new collective bargaining agreement that needs to be agreed upon. And last I heard, the owners were still planning on appealing the judge's decision to lift the lockout.

The plight of the lockout is the same as the plight of African-Americans' freedom during the time period between the Emancipation Proclamation and the Civil Rights Movement.

As Dane Cook put it in ISolated INcident, "they were free, but they weren't absolutely free."

Until the lockout is "absolutely" over, the pro football league shall remain nameless on this blog.

On the following link, you can sign an online petition to end (and I, of course, mean absolutely end) the lockout: www.nflfansunited.com.

Chicago Bulls vs. Atlanta Hawks -- NBA Playoffs Second Round

Game 1: Monday

Game 2: Wednesday

Game 3: Friday, May 6

Game 4: Sunday, May 8

Game 5: Tuesday, May 10*

Game 6: Thursday, May 12*

Game 7: Sunday, May 15*

* -- if necessary

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