Chicago Blackhawks Need Help from Martin Havlat, Minnesota Wild

Pop quiz: Who was the Blackhawks' points leader in 2008-09?

If you guessed Jonathan Toews or Patrick Kane, you made a good guess. But you're wrong.

It was Martin Havlat, who joined the Minnesota Wild the following season.

Chicago just lost its regular-season finale against the Detroit Red Wings. That means the Dallas Stars can eliminate the defending Stanley Cup champs from the playoffs with a win.

Who do the Stars play? You guessed it: the Wild.

So if Havlat helps Minnesota prevent Dallas from getting its much-needed two points, he will be a valuable player to the Blackhawks once again.

The Stars vs. Wild game is on NHL Network at 5 p.m. CST. If you do not have NHL Network, you can check out the Sports Thread for updates.

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