Farmer City Raceway Hornets Feature: September 4, 2011

In the beginning, it looked like a typical Hornets Division feature race at Farmer City Raceway for Matt Maier.

Then, on the fourth turn, he went through a minor crash.

Regardless, Maier returned to the race in first place and overcame the minor setback to win the Hornets Division feature.

By the way, I apologize for a prevois post in which I stated that August 28, 2011, was the last day of Hornets races at Farmer City Raceway for the season. That was, obviously, a false statement.

Hornets Feature Results

1. Matt Maier, Thomasboro; 2. David Lauritson, Normal; 3. Larry Hawk, Champaign; 4. Bob Althouse, Bloomington; 5. Brian Wilson, Colfax; 6. Chris Burton, Mansfield; 7. Jim English, Eureka; 8. Trisha Burton, Mansfield; 9. Devin Burton; 10. Peter Hayes, Romeoville (DNF); 11. Rick Eads, Beason (DNF); 12. Nick Lee, Pontiac (DNF); 13. Steve Stine (DNF); 14. Jim Wilson (DNS).

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