Farmer City Raceway Sportsman Feature: September 4, 2011

Jeremy Hines out-raced Troy Clark en route to winning the Sportsman Division feature.

The track champion in that division, Daniel Flessner, took third place. Flessner rallied from sixth place to achieve that finish.

Not unlike the rally he manufactured to get ahead of Dave Crawley Jr. in the point standings earlier in the season.

Rod Rusher (No. 44 pictured above), had problems that caused him to spill off the dirt track, taking him out of the top 10.

Sportsman Feature Results

1. Jeremy Hines, Seymour, Ind.; 2. Troy Clark, North Vernon, Ind.; 3. Daniel Flessner, Thawville; 4. Kenny Carmichael, Terre Haute, Ind.; 5. Jim Bailey, Hoopeston; 6. Shawn Diggs, LeRoy; 7. Loren Haberkorn, Chatsworth; 8. Alan Crowder, Elwin; 9. Richie Rich, Pontiac; 10. Kaleb Wood; 11. Donny Sublon, Fisher; 12. Rod Rusher, Mansfield; 13. Harold Zuniga (DNF); 14. Jason Maier, Thomasboro (DNF); 15. Ed Bright, Heyworth (DNF); 16. Dustin Mounce, Flanagan (DNS); 17. Joe Reynolds (DNS).

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