Farmer City Raceway Late Models Feature: September 4, 2011

For Billy Moyer, the $5,000 he collected at Farmer City Raceway was relatively-easy money.

Once Moyer took the lead from Bobby Shirley, he never looked back, winning the Late Models Division feature by a few car lengths.

The race for second place (and the $2,500 prize that went with it) was packed with competition.

At first, Shirley had the lead in that battle. Then Shannon Babb and Bobby Pierce (pictured below autographing a checkered flag) made a run at the second-place finish.

With five laps to go, Pierce took second while Babb tailgated him at the third-place position. Pierce ended the race with the No. 2 finish and the $2,500.

Shirley ended the race in third, collecting $1,800. Babb (pictured below) took home $1,400 with a No. 4 finish while Dennis Erb netted $1,000 by finishing in the top five.

Late Models Feature Results

1. Billy Moyer, Batesville, Ark. ($5,000); 2. Bobby Pierce, Oakwood ($2,500); 3. Brian Shirley, Chatham ($1,800); 4. Shannon Babb, Moweaqua ($1,400); 5. Dennis Erb Jr., Carpentersville ($1,000); 6. Jimmy Dehm, Lexington ($900); 7. Rodney Melvin, Benton ($700); 8. Jack Sullivan, Greenbreier, Ark. ($600); 9. Donny Walden, Towanda ($575); 10. Eric Smith, Bloomington ($550); 11. Billy Drake, Bloomington ($525); 12. Mike Spatola, Manhattan ($500); 13. Russ Adams, Princeville ($475); 14. Kevin Weaver, Gibson City (DNF, $450); 15. Don Cisco III, Oreana (DNF, $425); 16. Jason Feger, Bloomington (DNF, $400); 17. Brandon Sheppard, New Berlin (DNF, $375); 18. Ryan Unzicker, El Paso (DNF, $350); 19. Joe Harlan, El Paso (DNF, $325); 20. Kent Robinson, Bloomington, Ind. (DNF, $300); 21. Ryan Dauber, Tonica (DNF). 

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