Tim Tebow Leads Broncos to Game-Winning Drive over Jets on Thursday Night Football

As I stated in my previous post, Michael Irvin theorized (perhaps jokingly) that the angels from Angels in the Outfield have been helping the Tim Tebow-led Denver Broncos.

Well, the angels showed up (perhaps) as Tebow and the Broncos offense took over on their own 5-yard line late in the fourth quarter. And Denver, whether it was helped by angels or whether it performed its own magic, scored a touchdown and beat the New York Jets 17-13.

Prior to the late drive, Tebow produced a total of only 80 yards on offense. On the game-winning drive, the Broncos drove 95 yards on 12 plays, a drive that would have made even John Elway proud.

Many of those yards were gained on Tebow runs. And he finished off the drive by scrambling to the left from the blitzing Jets and running for a 20-yard touchdown with 58 seconds left in the game.

However, the angels (if they were real) were kind to New York as well, giving an offensive lineman the rare opportunity to score some points. Matt Slauson recovered a fumble for a touchdown to give the Jets a 10-3 lead with 10:57 left in the third quarter.

But when it came down to the moment of truth, the angels (again, if they were real) were on Tebow's side.

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