NFL Thursday Night Football -- Jets 3, Broncos 3 (Halftime)

Some fans of the Denver Broncos wear No. 15 jerseys that, surprisingly, do not have the name Tim Tebow's last name on the back.

Instead, they show the name Jesus on the back.

Regarding the Broncos' 3-1 record with Tebow as the starter, NFL Network's Michael Irvin gave his own theory of divine intervention during Thursday Night Kickoff. He theorized that the angels from the movie Angels in the Outfield are helping Denver.

That may explain some key plays in the first half of this game against the Jets. Matt Prater's 37-yard field goal was set up by good field position when New York punter T.J. Conley shanked a punt.

Perhaps an angel forced the punt out of bounds after it went a mere 13 yards.

Jets placekicker missed two field goals. Perhaps an angel kept those two kicks away from the goalposts.

And there was one Jets drive that was thwarted by a bad snap from Nick Mangold.

It will be interesting to see if any angels show up in the second half. Or if I'm just being crazy.

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