USC Running Back Marc Tyler Suspended for Season Opener over TMZ Clip

Disclaimer: The link below leads you to a clip that has been blocked from YouTube due to copyright issues.

In the clip, Marc Tyler is intoxicated as he is asked a few questions. One of the questions he was asked was whether he is being paid more money at USC or in the pros.

Tyler's response (keeping in mind that he still plays for the Trojans and has never played professional football: "USC! They breaking bread!"

USC: University of Suspended Drunks.

Hey, that's USD! :D

In the clip, Marc Tyler jokingly told TMZ that USC stands for "University of Sexual Ballers. Hey, that's USB!"

The following TMZ clip got running back Marc Tyler suspended for the season opener:

If you haven't seen the clip and would like to do so, you can search for it on http://www.tmz.com/.

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