Ohio State to Keep Sugar Bowl Money?

Ohio State imposed a punishment on its football team today, vacating all of its 12 victories from the 2010 season.

This may seem like a harsh punishment, considering that it's a self-imposed one. However, there is one area where the university is choosing to be lenient: the money.

The Columbus Dispatch said on ESPN's College Football Live that Ohio State will keep the money they received from the Sugar Bowl victory. The Buckeyes' win over Arkansas in New Orleans was one of the victories vacated.

The revenue from the Sugar Bowl is not sent to the university directly. It is delivered from the BCS to the Big Ten, and Ohio State receives a cut, plus expenses.

However, May says OSU has not included the return of their cut of the money as part of its self-imposed punishment.

"As this point, they're under the impression that they do not have to give that money back," May said on College Football Live.

It should also be noted that Ohio State's punishment also doesn't include any forfeiture of scholarships or postseason ban. It also waived a $250,000 fine for Jim Tressel.

The NCAA has some work to do.

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