Farmer City Raceway Gets Raminated, Demolized and Rodeo-ed

FARMER CITY, Ill. -- The Farmer City Raceway began its hosting of the Farmer City Fair Wednesday with the Raminator.

It crushed two cars without mercy. The Raminator also did some wheelies in the dirt, at one point emerging from the bowl of dust looking to cause some more destruction.

The rampage left some missing parts separated from the two totaled cars. One witness, as a result, received a souvenir.

But be not afraid, little children, for the Raminator is a gentle monster (well, at least to humans).

It wasn't just large vehicles that did some damage at the Farmer City Raceway on Wednesday. 

In the first of two one-on-one Demolition Derby battles, a little car with the No. 67 faced a Goliath named the Last Minute Demo Team.

The damage done by the big No. 78 smashed the little engine that could into an even smaller state.

But the little engine emerged victorious. The big Last Minute Demo Team would come back, however, and win the four-way Demolition Derby after the second one-on-one Demo.

Hornets Division leader Matt Maier participated in the Demolition Derby, pitting a white truck against a red one named CFM. 

Farmer City Raceway co-owner Jeff Hammer got more than he bargained for when he took the passenger seat with Maier.

Broken and smoking, Maier and Hammer gave the CFM truck all it could muster.

However, Maier and Hammer had to settle for second place, as the white truck got totaled in the end.

As stated before, the Last Minute Demo Team took victory in the ensuing four-car Demolition Derby. It took down, among two other cars, one Farmer City driver showing No. 1229.


Following the Demolition Derby was the Bobcat Rodeo, for which the fans were asked to relocate to an area within the track. Many attendees headed for the exits instead.

The object of this rodeo was for the drivers of Bobcat machinery to go through an obstacle course, which includes the carrying of white tires, in the fastest time possible.

Rob Morris came away as the winner of the Bobcat Rodeo with a time of 1:40.3.

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