NFL, NFLPA Finally Ready for Some Football, Agrees on New CBA

Recent reports of Brett Favre returning to the gridiron as the Philadelphia Eagles' backup have been deemed unlikely.

It seems sort of fitting, however, that these reports have come up at this time because the NFL and NFLPA have been showing signs of Brett Favre Syndrome (a term of my own invention, but anyone can use freely because I haven't patented it yet) in negotiating a new CBA.

Just like Favre, the owners and players waited until slightly after training camps were supposed to open to decide that they want to play football. But shortly after canceling the Hall of Fame Game, the NFL, NFLPA executive committee and 32 player representatives (one from each team) have approved of a 10-year CBA.

The move ends the lockout after a long and painful 132 days.

The owners voted 31-0 to approve of the CBA on Thursday, and will allow their teams to report to their facilities as early as Tuesday.

Teams can now start reaching agreements with rookies and free agents starting tomorrow, although no free agents can be signed until Friday.

Trade discussions can also begin tomorrow as well, with Cincinatti Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer among those on the rumor mill.

As for training camps, 10 teams will report on Wednesday, and then 10 more on Thursday and Friday each. The New York Jets and Houston Texans will report on Sunday.

So what did the players do as they were locked out? Did they ride the ferris wheel in the indoor theme park at Wisconsin Dells' Kalahari Resorts? Doesn't this "AP" stand for Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson? Maybe not, but...

The Hall of Fame Game between the St. Louis Rams and Chicago Bears, originally scheduled for August 7, was canceled. However, no other preseason games have been taken off the schedule; the preseason schedule starts on August 11, with the Seattle Seahawks taking on the San Diego Chargers.

The NFLPA has not re-certified yet, and has until August 4 to do so.

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