UMP Summer Nationals at Farmer City Raceway: Brandon Sheppard Among Money-Making Drivers

FARMER CITY, Ill. -- Three drivers earned a pretty penny as the Farmer City Raceway hosted the UMP Summer Nationals.

New Berlin native Brandon Sheppard won $10,000 by winning the Late Models feature. He beat out Shannon Babb of Moweaqua.

Newton's Chad Kinder took $1,000 along with the checkered flag after claiming victory of the Modifieds feature. Brandon Kessinger of Normal won $600 by taking first place in the Street Stock feature.

The following are the feature results of each division racing in Farmer City on July 8. For more results, visit farmercityracing.com.

Late Models

1. Brandon Sheppard, New Berlin; 2. Shannon Babb, Moweaqua; 3. Jack Sullivan, Greenbriar, Ark.; 4. Scott James, Lawrenceburg, Ind.; 5. Dennis Erb Jr., Carpentersville; 6. Mark Burgtorf; 7. Dan Schlieper, Sullivan, Wisc.; 8. Jason Feger, Bloomington; 9. Bobby Pierce, Oakwood; 10. Jeep Van Wormer, Pinconning, Mich.; 11. Mike Spatola, Manhattan; 12. Ryan Unzicker, El Paso; 13. Brian Shirley, Chatham; 14. Donny Walden, Towanda; 15. Eric Smith, Bloomington; 16. Kent Robinson, Bloomington, Ind.; 17. Kevin Weaver, Gibson City; 18. Daren Friedman, Forrest; 19. Jimmy Dehm, Lexington; 20. Dillan White, Hopkinsville, Ky.; 21. Matt Miller (DNF); 22. Scott Bull, Fairbury (DNF).


1. Chad Kinder, Newton; 2. Mike Harrison; 3. Jay Ledford, Pontiac; 4. Jeff Leka, Buffalo; 5. Justin Delong, Bloomington; 6. Danny Schwartz, Ashmore; 7. McKay Wenger, Fairbury; 8. Ray Bollinger; 9. Donovan Lodge, Moline; 10. Justin Leka, Buffalo; 11. Ed Roley; 12. Jeff Curl, Forrest; 13. Dane Tilstra, Onarga; 14. Wes O'Dell, Springfield; 15. Kyle Byerline, Dawson; 16. Brian Lynn, Mason City (DNF); 17. Rory Overmyer, Champaign (DNF); 18. Dave Crawley, Decatur (DNF); 19. Aaron Draege (DNF); 20. Lance Dehm, Chatsworth (DNF).

Street Stock

1. Brandon Kessinger, Normal; 2. Chris Dick, DeLand; 3. Travis Johnson, Ashland; 4. Steve Ewing, Decatur; 5. Darrel Dick, Monticello; 6. A.J. Wright, Danville; 7. Jordan Smith, Villa Grove; 8. Nathan McNeese, Catlin; 9. Kevin Crowder, Argenta; 10. Troy Dodson, Cerro Gordo; 11. Darrel Lehigh, Fisher; 12. Wayne Orrick, Bloomington; 13. Mike Cusak, Brimfield; 14. Hugh Johnson, Champaign; 15. Doug Berbaum, Monticello; 16. Brian Cassell, Decatur (DNF); 17. Nate Zimmer, Mattoon (DNF); 18. Jim Quinn, Farmer City (DNF); 19. Eric Wilson, Downs (DNF).


1. Matt Maier, Thomasboro; 2. Tanner Tibbs, Pontiac; 3. Kenny Butterfield, Glasford; 4. David Lauritson, Normal; 5. Larry Hark, Champaign; 6. Chris Burton, Mansfield; 7. Jim Wilson, Towanda; 8. Ben Gernentz; 9. Brian Wilson, Colfax; 10. Luke Althouse, Paxton; 11. Jim English, Eureka; 12. Trisha Burton, Mansfield; 13. Bob Althouse, Bloomington; 14. Dion Smith, Bloomington (DNS). 

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