Chicago Bears Need to Start Making Move for Wide Receivers

According to ESPN's John Clayton, the Bears are in the top five among NFL teams in terms of salary cap space.

The new collective bargaining agreement requires teams to spend at least 99 percent the cap on players. And Chicago could use a go-to receiver such as Plaxico Burress or Braylon Edwards.

I would also mention names such as Santonio Holmes, Sidney Rice and Steve Smith. However, Holmes chose to stay with the Jets, Rice signed with the Seahawks and, according to a recent Sporting News report, Smith plans to stay with the Panthers.

So here's my point: the Bears' opportunities to land a much-needed, big-name wide receiver are dropping like flies. They need to start getting into attack mode.

Yes, they still need to re-sign center Olin Kruetz. Without his leadership, Chicago's offensive line is in an uncomfortable position, a position in which they are way too familiar.

However, the Bears have, according Clayton's estimates, $37 million of cap space to work with. And work, they should.

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