Terrelle Pryor Taken by Oakland Raiders in NFL Supplemental Draft

Who would take a chance on a college quarterback who broke NCAA rules and chose to declare for the Supplemental Draft rather than face the consequences of his actions?

Who else but Al Davis?

The Oakland Raiders selected Pryor in the third round.

The Raiders will have to wait five games to see what Pryor can do. However, he can practice with the team until his suspension is completed.

I just watched a SportsCenter report regarding whether or not Peyton Manning will be ready for Week 1 of the 2011 season. His status is still unclear, but it is reported that Manning thinks his neck will recover in time for the season to start.

During the NFL lockout, Manning was not allowed to rehab from neck surgery with the Indianapolis Colts' training staff. And no players were allowed to have any contact with their coaching staff, let alone practice with them.

All because the NFL and NFLPA could not agree on a collective bargaining agreement until July.

And yet Pryor is allowed to practice with the Raiders.

Where's the justice? 

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