FARMER CITY RACEWAY UPDATE: Jeff Leka held off a Gary Cook rally to win the $1,000 Modifieds feature.

At the beginning of the race, it looked like Leka would cruise to another easy victory. However, Cook had other plans, turning the race into a head-to-head battle between him and Leka.

Cook even managed to take the lead for a split second. However, Leka took the lead right back and was just a little faster than Cook.

Lance Dehm finished third in the feature. Before the races, he took a picture (as seen below) with a kid named DamaRee Wilson.

Wilson saw Dehm in a previous race and mentioned how excited he was to see him win. Dehm, and his sponsor Sonic, invited him to the Farmer City Raceway on August 28 as a result.

Speaking of Sonic, the mascot pictured above was at the Farmer City Raceway to promote the company's new restaurant in Normal. The new Sonic restaurant will open on September 1.

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