Farmer City Raceway: Matt Maier a Double Feature Winner on June 17, 2011

FARMER CITY, Ill. -- Former Chicago Cubs Hall of Famer Ernie Banks once said, "let's play two."

Today, some Farmer City Raceway drivers in the Sportsman and Hornets Divisions raced double features to make up for a June 10 rainout. So to paraphrase Mr. Cub, let's race two.

Or, in the case of Thomasboro's Matt Maier, let's win two.

"[Farmer City Raceway] is my favorite track," Maier said. "It's the best one in the state."

Maier has another reason to love FCR, as he won both Hornets Division features.

"[Double features are] great if you don't break in the first one," Maier said. "If you do, you're out of luck for the second one unless you can fix it."

Gifford's Casey Gernentz would know how "out of luck" one would be. He spilled off the track in the make-up feature, but he managed to get out of a horrific crash safely.


At age 14, Bobby Pierce of Oakwood is not old enough to drive on IL-54 or US-150.

However, he is old enough to drive on the dirt track of Farmer City Raceway. Pierce drove to victory in the Late Models feature with a photo finish over Kent Robinson of Bloomington, Ind.


Maier was not the only racer looking for double-feature wins.

Decatur's Dave Crawley Jr. took the checkered flag in the make-up Sportsman feature. In the second feature, he found himself chasing Nick Macklin of Oreana and Daniel Flessner of Oakwood.

After making a move toward Macklin and Flessner, Crawley Jr. ran out of steam, falling to fifth place with four laps to go. Flessner ended up winning the feature.


Feature winner -- Jeff Leka, Buffalo


Feature winner -- Chris Dick, DeLand

More results to come in a later post. For more information on the Farmer City Raceway, visit farmercityracing.com.

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