Farmer City Raceway Results -- June 10, 2011

The following are feature results from Farmer City Raceway's June 10 races as posted on http://www.speednetdirect.com/ as of 12:14 a.m. CST on June 11.


1. Jeff Leka, Buffalo; 2. Lance Dehm, Chatsworth; 3. Justin Delong, Bloomington; 4. Dave Crawley, Decatur; 5. Dustin King, Charleston; 6. Ryan Cary, Catlin; 7. Jeff Curl, Forrest; 8. Jay Ledford, Pontiac; 9. Gary Turpin, Bloomington; 10. Arby Burton; 11. Tim Bohm; 12. Rick Hamilton, Decatur; 13. Rory Overmyer, Champaign; 14. Jeff Sandford, Gifford.

Street Stock

1. Chris Dick, DeLand; 2. Darrel Dick, Monticello; 3. Jeff Simmons, Pontiac; 4. Travis Johnson, Ashland; 5. Dave Crawley, Decatur; 6. Rick Alwood, Clinton; 7. Scott Thrasher, Urbana; 8. Ronnie Burns; 9. Hugh Johnson, Champaign.

10. Jim Quinn, Farmer City (DNF)

Ben Gernentz of Gifford won the Trophy Dash. As always, go to farmercityracing.com or speednetdirect.com for more information.

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