Jeff Leka Breaks Track Record, Wins Modifieds Feature at Farmer City Raceway

FARMER CITY, Ill. -- Jeff Leka of Buffalo, Ill., has won nine track championships at the Farmer City Raceway.

He is seeking his 10th this season, something that has not been done before.

"I like doing what nobody else has done," Leka said. "That's what it's all about; doing stuff that people will remember you for later in life."

Prior to June 3, no one had ever driven through a qualifying round in a time of 13.71 at the Farmer City Raceway. Leka can now consider that mission accomplished.

Leka followed his record-breaking qualifying time by beating out Lance Dehm of Chatsworth in the Modified Division feature. Dehm held the lead with five laps to go, but Leka took first place immediately after the green flag and never surrendered it.

"My guys did a great job on the car," Leka said. "I would like to thank them and my sponsors. Our sport's getting bigger, and you need sponsors."

Modifieds Feature Results

1. Jeff Leka, Buffalo; 2. Lance Dehm, Chatsworth; 3. Gary Turpin, Bloomington; 4. Jay Ledford, Pontiac; 5. Justin Delong, Bloomington; 6. Jeff Curl, Forrest; 7. Dave Crawley, Decatur; 8. Ryan Cary, Catlin; 9. Chevy Miller, Wapella; 10. Brad Crosby, Decatur; 11. David Henderson, Danville; 12. Rick Hamilton, Decatur; 13. Zane Oedewaldt, Hanna City; 14. Neil Rollins, Ridge Farm.


Farmer City's No. 1 hometown racer, Jim Quinn, has won four track championships at what he calls "the best track in the state" of Illinois.

His quest for a fifth title, however, is not going exactly as planned so far, as he ranked fourth in the point standings prior to June 3.

"I've had some bad luck this year," Quinn said. "Hopefully, the dirt dries up in this warm weather. I don't have as much horsepower as some other drivers."

The warm weather did not lead Quinn to victory on June 3. Chris Dick of DeLand beat him in the Trophy Dash.

Quinn also finished second in the Street Stock feature. Darrel Dick of Monticello won the feature, but Quinn won a furious three-way contest for second place, beating out Travis Johnson of Ashland.

Feature Results

1. Darrel Dick, Monticello; 2. Jim Quinn, Farmer City; 3. Travis Johnson, Ashland; 4. Travis Thrasher, Clinton; 5. Rod Eichorn; 6. Jordan Smith, Villa Grove.

9. Rick Alwood, Clinton (DNF).

Feature Results

1. Eric Smith, Bloomington; 2. Joe Harlan, El Paso; 3. Jimmy Dehm, Lexington; 4. Bobby Pierce, Oakwood; 5. Scott Bull, Fairbury; 6. Daren Friedman, Forrest; 7. Derek Chandler, Pontiac; 8. Charlie Hess, Peoria; 9. Russ Adams, Princeville; 10. Kevin Moffett, Moweaqua; 11. Zach Bunning, Decatur; 12. Chad Evans, Mattoon; 13. Troy Newberry, Bloomington.

Bill Hough of Thomasboro wrecked his car during the Late Models Division's hot laps. Needless to say, he did not race in the feature.

Feature Results

1. Matt Maier, Thomasboro; 2. Tanner Tibbs, Pontiac; 3. Chris Burton, Mansfield; 4. Casey Gernentz, Gifford; 5. Ben Gernentz, Gifford; 6. Brian Wilson, Colfax; 7. Jim Wilson, Towanda; 8. Eric Keymon, Lincoln; 9. Brett Embry; 10. Trisha Burton, Mansfield; 11. Jacob Caldwell.

Feature Results

1. Dave Crawley Jr., Decatur; 2. Dustin Mounce, Flanagan; 3. Rod Rusher, Mansfield; 4. Daniel Flessner, Thawville; 5. Jim Bailey, Hoopeston; 6. Donny Sublon, Fisher; 7. Timmy Dick, Monticello; 8. Richie Rich, Pontiac.

For complete results, visit farmercityracing.com or speednetdirect.com.

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