THE Ohio State University: Friday a Bad Day for the Buckeyes, Sports Thread's Bracket

Last night, Jared Sullinger made an anti-LeBron move (Columbus, Ohio, is not too far away from Cleveland), choosing to stay at Ohio State for his sophomore year.

The move came shortly after the Buckeyes lost a heartbreaker to Kentucky in the Sweet Sixteen. And it gave Ohio State fans a nice silver lining to what was, as a certain children's book stated, a "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day."

Not only did the No. 1-ranked Buckeye basketball team miss out on one of its best chances to win a national championship, but Jim Tressel found himself in the news again today.

Already facing a five-game suspension, Tressel forwarded the e-mails he received regarding Terrelle Pryor's wrongdoings to a mentor of Pryor, according to recent reports. The NCAA's investigation of the scandal is ongoing.

The Sports Thread's Elite Eight Bracket

So now that the team that I picked to win the national championship is eliminated, I think I'm going to save some paper and forgo filling out any more brackets.

My new national champion is Connecticut, just because they seem like the hottest, and most reliable, team of the tournament. But as I have been stating, don't trust me because I'm wrong.

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