2011 NCAA Basketball Tournament: VCU's Glass Slipper Still Fits

When I picked Butler and VCU to meet each other in the Final Four in my Sweet Sixteen bracket, I really didn't know what to expect.

While I did believe these two had a shot at earning a trip to Houston, I really picked them just for fun. With my first two brackets almost completely busted, I had the mentality of a head coach whose team had a losing record.

When you're the head coach of a losing team in the late stages of a season, sometimes you'll make decisions that you wouldn't make if a playoff spot was on the line. For instance, a football coach will try a fake punt from his own 20-yard line or give a fifth-string running back some long-overdue playing time.

If those decisions worked out successfully, great. If not, well, what does the coach have to lose?

That's the mentality I had when I picked Butler and VCU for the Final Four. I figured these would be two teams that I'd like to see: one mid-major making its second consecutive appearance in the Final Four and another team going from the First Four all the way to the Final Four.

If they didn't, well, what did I have to lose?

Go figure.

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