2011 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament: The Sports Thread's Final Four Predictions

Well, I received some perspective regarding my bracket.

Apparently, I didn't do as badly as many others did.

According to a recent ESPN.com report, 70.3 percent of 5.9 million bracket entries for the ESPN tournament challenge did not get a single team into the Final Four. I have predicted one team (UConn) correctly.

Only two of those brackets picked the Final Four with 100-percent accuracy. So I guess I'm in pretty good company by comparison.

With that in mind, these are my predictions for the Final Four:

Butler over VCU

It has been a good run for the Rams from Richmond, Va.

However, they showed two weaknesses in their impressive victory over Kansas: They can't rebound or play good basketball for 48 minutes.

Butler will take advantage of those weaknesses and make this a close game. And as we have learned in this tournament, they do pretty well in close games.

Kentucky over UConn

When you go on a run like the Huskies have over the past few months, you just get the feeling that it will all end sometime.

Butler over Kentucky

It just seems like the Bulldogs' tournament.

They got their first taste of the Final Four a year ago, getting very close to the promised land. Now that Shelvin Mack and Matt Morris have a second chance at the crown, they know how to, and will, get it.

But like I have stated throughout the tournament, you shouldn't take my word for it. I may have been right a few times, but I originally predicted Ohio State to win it all (just something to keep in mind).

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