Cam Newton, Nick Fairley to Participate in Auburn's Pro Day

Neither Cam Newton nor Nick Fairley participated in the 40-yard dash, cone drills or jumping drills.

They already proved at the NFL Scouting Combine that they can run and jump. Soon, they will be participating in position-specific drills.

Breaking news: Fairley weighs 297 pounds, six more than he did at the Combine. According to ESPN's Todd McShay, that's good because he'll need to weigh a lot if he'll be a defensive tackle.

Regarding Cam Newton, McShay says he can improve his draft stock by fixing his throwing problems. It'll prove that he is coachable, which is a good quality if you are leaving college early.

It shows that you can mature into a professional quarterback

Jim Tressel Knew About Ohio State Players' Violations, According to Reports

Ohio State coach Jim Tressel, according to a recent Yahoo! Sports report, had prior knowledge of five players, including Terrelle Pryor, committing an NCAA violation by selling merchandise.

The report said he knew of the violations before the university did, which could be grounds for discipline.

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