Tony Sparano a Good Fit for Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos

Football has many types of seasons throughout the year.

The next three months will serve as draft season, the time of year where speculation rages on about which college players will be drafted in which round and by which team.

The summer months following that will serve as camp season, where teams prepare for the upcoming season in which actual games will be played and self-proclaimed experts predict which teams will finish at the top.

Obviously, these past four months have given us games season, where the finished products have been put to the test on respective football fields. While this month will conclude games season, another season has managed to intercept our attention: coaching change season.

The previous few days have mixed speculation of which teams will fare well in the postseason and which coaches will leave and join certain teams.

Jim Harbaugh has been a big part of that discussion, as rumors have it that he will leave Stanford for greener pastures, perhaps in the NFL. Among the teams rumored to acquire his services in the near future are the San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins.

While it would be fitting for Harbaugh to join the Broncos, as we would not be the first to join the Broncos via Stanford (John Elway, anyone), I have a darkhorse pick for that head-coaching vacancy: Tony Sparano.

Sparano has not been fired by the Dolphins yet, but he is one of the coaches who has been rumored to get the ax soon. If he does, he may be a good fit for Denver, if only because he would be the perfect coach for their quarterback of the future, Tim Tebow.

Starting the last three games for the Broncos, Tebow has proven that he could be a good quarterback in the NFL. He threw for 308 yards and a touchdown and ran for another TD in Denver's victory over the Houston Texans.

Tebow followed that up by throwing for 205 yards and two touchdowns against the San Diego Chargers. He was also the Broncos' leading rusher, picking up 94 yards and a touchdown.

If there ever was a perfect quarterback for the Wildcat formation, it is Tim Tebow. He can run, throw and even throw while jumping.

Sparano, in case the 2008 Dolphins' game at New England was forgotten, is the coach who brought the Wildcat to the NFL.

Together, they can revolutionize the NFL, turning the Wildcat formation into a standard in NFL playbooks everywhere.

And in the process, they can turn the Broncos into a playoff, if not Super Bowl, contender once again.

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