NBA Contraction Rumors: Indiana-Detroit Palacebrawlers, Other Co-op Ideas

There has been some talk lately about the NBA looking into contracting some teams to save some lost money.

LeBron James chimed into the conversation, saying it would not be a bad idea for some teams to be contracted from the NBA so other teams can sign multiple superstars like his Miami Heat just did. Then he claimed that he did not know what the word contraction meant when he said it (just another time when LeBron should have held his tongue, but didn't).

This idea might not sit well with some fans, obviously, because they would lose their favorite team. However, it has become obvious that, while some teams have claimed multiple superstars to compete for a championship, others simply cannot compete on the court or financially.

Therefore, I have come up with a compromise.

Working at the Herald & Review in Decatur, Ill., as a sports clerk, I have noticed that some high school athletic programs, because of a lack of money and/or population, need to co-op with other schools in order to field a competitive team. For instance, there is a girls basketball team in Illinois known as Cowden-Herrick/Beecher City.

This is what the NBA should do.

The following are four ideas of NBA team co-ops where home games could be split between cities and the combined teams could afford to sign multiple superstars and compete with the best the NBA could offer.

Indiana-Detroit Palacebrawlers

That's right: the two teams that participated in the infamous Malice at the Palace should merge into a mega-brawling team.

Minnesota-Milwaukee Wolfbucks

The howling abilities of the wolf merges with the running ability of a deer.

Plus, imagine Kevin Love and Richard Jennings on the same team.

Golden State War Kings

For those of you that are not geography nuts, California is known as The Golden State.

And Sacramento is the capital city of California, so the name Golden State is good enough.

Memphis-Charlotte Grizzcats

Elvis is smokin'.

Get it? Memphis is the hometown of Elvis Presley and North Carolina is known as Tobacco Road.

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