Andrew Luck Stays at Stanford for Genuine Reasons

Normally, I would look at the decision of a likely No. 1 NFL Draft pick to stay in school with strong skepticism.

Why would he risk injury just to stay one more year in college and pursue a degree, something he could just do after his playing career is over.

For once, we see a student athlete who truly puts the student in student athlete.

If he didn't attend such a prestigious school such as Stanford, I would have wondered if he just didn't want to be an NFL rookie during a potential lockout. If he waited to see what coach Jim Harbaugh would do, I would have wondered if he was basing his decision on where his coach was going.

Instead, he made his decision to stay in school before Harbaugh decided to take his whistle to the Bay Area and to pursue his degree in architectural design at the Ivy League school of the West Coast.

I wish this true student-athlete well in his career. NFL and beyond.

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