Charles Barkley's NBA Eastern Conference Team to Beat; NFL Labor Latest

On TNT's Inside the NBA following the All-Star Game, Charles Barkley said the Chicago Bulls are the team to beat in the Eastern Conference.

In his opinion, he believes the Boston Celtics won't be able to hold up because of their age. He said the Miami Heat, in his opinion, don't have enough big men and the Orlando Magic rely too much on jump shots.

Sir Charles says the Bulls are the Eastern Conference's most intriguing team. And if they can get a perimeter shooter before the trade deadline, they will be the favorites to win the conference.

For the Bulls' sake, I hope Chuck is right.

NFL, NFLPA Meet Again

The Sunday meeting lasted eight hours, two more hours than the previous two meetings.

Until the players and owners break their code of silence, it is hard to say if any real progress toward a collective bargaining agreement has been made. For all I know, they may be playing 20 Questions 24 times (one question per minute).

All kidding aside, as I have been stating, it is a good sign that the players and owners are talking for an extended period of time.

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