2011 NBA Playoffs: Why Taj Gibson Should Start for the Chicago Bulls

As we all know, Tom Thibodeau promised at his introductory press conference that his team will be based on defense and rebounding.

If that's true, and these playoffs have been any indication, then Carlos Boozer needs to have a seat. It's Taj Gibson's turn at the starting power forward position.

In the Bulls' 99-82 win over the Atlanta Hawks in Game 3, Gibson put up a double-double, scoring 13 points and grabbing 11 rebounds. Meanwhile, Boozer grabbed six boards and scored six points.

I know Boozer is paid the big bucks because he is a more capable scoring option. But he isn't even out-scoring Gibson.

Heck, he isn't out-scoring the forwards he's supposed to be guarding. Despite what Boozer's defensive efforts may lead you to believe, Tyler Hansbrough is not Kevin Durant.

Chicago is simply better off with Gibson at power forward right now. And the Bulls need to realize it if they want to reach the promised land.

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